New flagship for the Flipper range

The Kuopio-based Bella-Veneet Oy is bringing a new Flipper boat to the market, completing the range of Flipper DC boats. The Flipper 900 DC is the largest DC boat in the range of models, and its appearance and features strongly highlight the brand’s distinctive characteristics. The design, created in collaboration between the Norwegian Meyer Norschau Design and Bella-Team, naturally combines classic sportiness with clear, modern lines that take the user’s point of view into account.

‘High-quality materials, sportiness and experiential quality are elements that have been associated with Flipper boats for more than 50 years,’ Flipper Brand Manager of Bella-Veneet Oy Ari Kuikka says. ‘The Flipper 900 DC offers speed, a range of possibilities and the joy of operating a boat, meeting the expectations of the boaters of today. The Flipper 900 DC is a sporty day cruiser, but its facilities and equipment also allow for a high-class overnight stay on the boat.’

According to Kuikka, people have learned to appreciate a comprehensive boating experience comprised of water sports, excursions, admiring views, meeting friends and just relaxing. The stylish quality boat is able to make a lot of things possible and expand the user experience clearly beyond the product itself.

Ari Kuikka also believes that opportunities to get away from everyday life for a moment are important, particularly in the ongoing global situation – because of this, there is a clear social demand for enablers of dreams like the Flipper 900 DC.

‘A fun, social and action-packed experience combined with style and quality is a welcome change for anyone. Afterwards, your batteries are full of energy and you can once again cope a bit better with the challenges of everyday life.’

The Flipper 900 DC will be presented for the first time at the UIVA boat exhibition that will be held in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, from 13 to 16 August.

Further information:
Ari Kuikka
+358 40 868 1200

Requests for materials:
Riitta Heikkinen-Halpern
+358 40 359 1723

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