Driven by the


Driven by the



Flipper takes the dynamic, active boaters to all new levels of enjoyment. The heritage of aesthetics and speed, nurtured by famous designers throughout the decades, is clearly present in every one of our models. Take it out for a leisurely cruise, head out for a longer trip or simply invite friends to spend a relaxed evening at the pier – Flipper provides an ideal setting to enjoy life in so many ways.


The Flipper brand has always been perceived as being youthful and fast. This sends out a clear promise of breakaway from everyday boredom. The dynamic hull shape, deep windscreen angles and other design features prove the point at first glance.


One of the secrets to Flipper’s success is the fact that during all times, the design has been in the capable hands of renowned Scandinavian professionals. The breakthrough model, Flipper 450 HT, raised well-deserved attention with its bold design already in the 1960´s.


Our active development work and the determination to always meet the needs of the modern boater have ensured a steady flow of new Flippers to the market. While always sleek and functional, with everything in right place, Flippers are also always topically stylish.


Flipper is a special boat – both when it comes to image and technology. The fiberglass work in the first Flippers impressed, and advanced solutions such as decks made of layered structures are good examples of our ability to impress and stand out. In more ways than one, there is no substitute for a Flipper.


Flipper has always reached out – the negotiations to export Flippers to Sweden began well before the actual production. Today, Flippers can be seen around the world, all the way in Australian waters; however, we have always appreciated our Finnish roots and heritage. To many boaters, “Made in Finland” is a label of quality, and we plan to keep it that way.

Excellent to drive

While Flippers are versatile and suitable for several purposes, deep down they are the drivers’ boats. They are dynamic, responsive and agile – driving pleasure at its purest. Flippers are made for those who have a passion for boating. All it takes to convince is one test drive.

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